The Public Company ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'': an international freight forwarder and cargo carrier

Shipping and customs broker, owner of warehouse facilities.

● 'Ilyichevskvneshtrans' is one of the biggest Ukrainian freight forwarding companies occupying an area of 30 ha and owning storage areas, railroad siding facilities, a container terminal and an exchange fleet of containers.

● We provide the most profitable opportunities for utilizing land and marine transport in the process of foreign trade cargoes' handling.

● Our company is an associate of the Ukrainian Association of Transport Forwarding Organizations 'Ukrzovnishtrans', an individual member of the Freight Forwarding Association of Russian Federation 'FAR' and 'FIATA', a member of ASMAP UA and the International Cotton Association.

● Our special storage areas and high standard of service are highly rated by many foreign trade operators. Full package of services provided in the process of cargo handling in our storage areas and development of collaboration between marine carriers and the Port of Ilyichevsk are also worth mentioning.

● 'Ilyichevskvneshtrans' is a successful and profitable public company, which makes it possible to invest heavily in development and upgrading of its production base.